A Powerful Purpose

RES is driven by passionate people with a common purpose—to protect, preserve, and restore our country’s precious natural resources.

We’re a diverse team of biologists, ecologists, GIS specialists, financial analysts, landmen, project managers and business folk—all working together to make the world even better than when we found it.

Leadership Team

Elliott Bouillion President and Chief Executive Officer

David Joyce Chief Commercial Officer

Lynn Nazareth Chief Financial Officer

Sam Burley Vice President, Regulatory and General Counsel

Russ Krauss Executive Vice President, New Markets & Strategic Solutions

George Kelly Chief Markets Officer

Randy Wilgis Executive Vice President, Solutions Development

Don Seaborn Mid-Atlantic Region General Manager

Lee Goodwin Mid-Atlantic Region General Manager

Frankie Savoy Vice President, Sales

Conor Gillespie Northeast Region General Manager

David Hill Gulf Coast Region General Manager

Aaron Revere Director, Sustainability Solutions

Stephen Colomb Corporate Land Director and Land Counsel

Keller Bankston Director, Field Operations

Dave Dickson Safety Director

Michael Hare Director, Government Affairs and Communications

Board of Directors

Robert Antablin Board Member

Elliott Bouillion President and Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth B. Mehlman Board Member


Thomas Judice Controller

Mac Shropshire Manager, Financial Analysis

Christine Hyde Assistant Controller

Thomas Weaver Assistant Controller

Amish Noorali Financial Analyst

Armon Khorrami Financial Analyst

Cheryl Lane Insurance and Surety Administrator


Renée Dugan Assistant General Counsel

Lilly Van Maele Assistant General Counsel

Allison Reeves Land Counsel

Gulf Coast Region

Richard Greig, PWS Gulf Coast Regulatory Manager

Amber Roman Analyst

Matt Genotte Regulatory Manager

Rheta Geddings DiNovo South Carolina Regulatory Manager

Mark Mitchell Land Representative, Louisiana

Ross Guidry Region Land Manager

Frank Cuccio Gulf Coast Operations Manager

Tiffany Hammond Permitting Analyst

Jordan Mills Land Representative, South Carolina

Curtis Mosteller South Carolina Operations Manager

Brittany Fontenot Senior Analyst

David Lach Analyst

Beau Bourque Client Solutions Manager

Northeast Region

Jon Kasitz Client Solutions Manager

Robert Maiden Client Solutions Manager

Heather Haynes-Long Regional Manager, Client Solutions

Mike Sachs Project Manager

Katie Wolff Northeast Regulatory Manager

Amber Snavley Permitting Analyst

Bill Gehrling Northeast Operations Manager

Jessica Stout Permitting Analyst

Brianna Steinmetz Analyst

Joshua Currey Region Land Manager

Zachary Gray Land Representative

Curtis Carothers Land Representative, Pennsylvania/Ohio

Mid-Atlantic Region

T.J. Mascia Regional Manager, Client Solutions

Marty McHugh Client Solutions Manager

Jason Murnock Stormwater Solutions Manager

Patrick Link Land Representative, Virginia

Michael O'Neil Land Representative, Maryland

Tim Beadell Land Representative, Maryland

W. Judson Smith Region Land Manager

Tara Kelly Senior Project Manager

Michael Peny, RLA Mid-Atlantic Operations Director

David Godley Construction Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region

Daniel Ramsay Client Solutions Manager

August James Land Representative, North Carolina

Midwest Region

Tim Moritz Client Solutions Manager

Dheepa Jayakumar Senior Analyst

Wesley Gill Analyst

Lucas Lilly Land Representative, Midwest

Western Region

Michael Comstock Land Conservation Specialist

Melissa Denena Senior Project Manager